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Development Club


Our Mission and Educational Approach

Our mission at the “Masters of Tomorrow” development club is

to help children be successful in tomorrow’s world.

We carefully design our learning environment, projects and activities to foster both hard and soft skills, which we believe, based on the numerous research (here is a quick video summary of one) as well as the impressive personal experience of our team, will be   critical in the future

Hard competencies


Structured thinking and problem solving

Digital skills and technological savviness

Soft competencies

EQ (emotional intelligence)



Collaboration and leadership




We believe in the power of constructive feedback. We thoughtfully provide age-appropriate feedback to our children and constantly seek feedback from them as well as their parents. To facilitate the latter, we send out a quick summary after each workshop of what we worked on with lots of pictures. We also organize joint events and open-door days for parents.

In tomorrow’s world fluency in English is essential, that’s why all our workshops are bilingual (German and English). If children already have at least a basic command of English, they are encouraged to speak English during our activities. This is an excellent opportunity for them to get some English practice.

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